Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Gift From The Blogosphere

Even though Thanksgiving looms large on the horizon, I suddenly find myself busier in my real estate practice than I have been for awhile. Buyers and sellers are picking up the phone and calling, or emailing me to get information and begin the process. This at a time when I'm doing my best to gear up for the holiday. So imagine my surprise when I sat down tonight to do a quick check on my stats for this blog. Lo and behold, the numbers are way up. Why?

Never one to accept a gift horse without staring it straight in the face I found, to my great surprise, a link from Hanan Levin's famed Grow-A-Brain blog. I'm honored by the notice and hope this is one of the "unique and mostly intelligent sites" to which he refers.

I thank you sir for the nod. The ripples created by your significant presence in the blogosphere have been felt in my little corner of the universe.


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