Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fake Stone -- A Very Real Alternative

Stone faced homes are nothing new to the Long Island landscape. They populate towns from the north to the south shores, conjuring up life as it was in this developing area earlier in the twentieth century. Except for a very few newly constructed houses in recent history going against popular style choices, stone as a facade has long been out of favor in this part of New York.

With choices very limited for manufactured stone, and unacceptably high prices for the real thing, the few properties that chose "stone" of a sort often looked remarkably like the Flintstones were moving into town. You know the kind, they stick out like a sore thumb, much like a six carat synthetic diamond. Well, happily there are impressive alternatives now. According to The Washington Post, with prices in the area running from $15 to $35 a square foot, it comes in mid point between vinyl siding and natural stone, making it a viable alternative.

One of the newly constructed homes I'm representing right now has stone as an alternative to the brick face on the other. It makes for an very attractive look.


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