Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Modern Design, Or Is It?

In the category of everything old is new again is the resurgence of "contemporary furniture," once again finding favor in the Long Island market. The last incarnation of this style came at an early and impressionable time in my life, somewhere in the 1960s. Offering an option at the time that was a far cry from the traditional furnishings in our parents' homes, the straight lined minimalistic approach to design was a natural choice for many.

The problem with the style, at least for me, was it just didn't stand the test of time. I tired quickly of the unadorned pieces that decorated my home, garnering admiring glances from everyone else. They wound up within a few years in my mother's house while I searched for something that better expressed my developing taste. As I look at the furnishings now, adorning the pages of stylish magazines and this issue of Newsday, I am as unmoved as I was back then.


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