Sunday, March 12, 2006

Living in Merrick -- It Started As A Script For A Video

But I thought why not share it here, so . . .

On the south shore of Long Island, within minutes of the miles of sand and surf that make up the famed Jones Beach, lies a not so sleepy hamlet known as Merrick. For those who make the daily commute to Manhattan, there is a distinct benefit to this being the third and final local stop before the Long Island Railroad heads purposefully toward the city. At 41 scheduled minutes to midtown, the ride is easy and pleasant.

A picturesque community, with a recently revitalized business district, Merrick provides a family friendly atmosphere and an excellent school district for the children. With seven elementary schools, two middle and three high schools offering a myriad of special programs, the youth of Merrick are well prepared for the world they graduate into. Many parents who were, themselves students here choose to raise their families in an atmosphere they so lovingly remember.

The neighborhoods of Merrick are many and varied, both in price range and community feeling. Cape cods sit prettily on manicured lots in Briarcliff and Wenshaw Park, while tudors, colonials, ranger ranches and a fair share of new homes dot the landscape on the tree lined streets of Merrick Woods. With styles accommodating the tastes of many, buyers are likely to find just the right place to suit their lifestyle after a short search. This is a town that attracts the children it spawned as well as the uninitiated, longing for a piece of the American dream in a safe and comfortable environment.

Years ago there was a movie theater in town, but as businesses came and went, it vanished from the landscape only to reappear just a few short years ago. Merrick is also fortunate to host a live theater, a nice cultural addition in the heart of town. For those who enjoy eating out, the options are many. Nick D’Angelo’s on Sunrise Highway offers a comprehensive menu and tasty quisine. Santorini on Merrick Avenue serves up authentic Greek fare and caters to a loyal following. There are many choices throughout the town for italian food, from the pizza parlors serving a colorful and expansive menu of slices to the stylized restaurants that feel more like Manhattan. One of my personal favorites for a quick bite in a comfortable atmosphere is a little place called Milo’s that grew from a five table, largely take-out pizza place to a spacious and attractive venue for a quick and quiet dinner. And one can’t leave the topic of eating out without mentioning the wildly successful Outback that continues to draw crowds in numbers that astonish me. If you choose to go there for dinner, and you prefer to eat after five or five-thirty, you’ll mill about with all the other die hard fans as the dancing lights on their plastic pagers tell hungry patrons that it’s finally their turn to be seated. Is it worth the wait? If you ask me, it certainly is.

Author: Geri Sonkin


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